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Remember, this is our personal opinion about this episode. Treat it with a grain of salt.
We don't force you to change your own views!
Share your opinion with us in comment.
We anticipate a spoiler alert.

Well, let's get started.

That day, brutally reminded of the boy - fear of life under her reign.
Corporal Soul: At first, as an observer, we are faced with the previously unexpected fact. Something is wrong, something does not fit us, and to our surprise, we come to the conclusion that the main character is Jean - not the holy trinity. In the end, we went in for something else. World from the perspective of a different character, which I previously thought was a teenager whose hormones prevail over the rest of his sanity.
At this point begins the stairs. Why is Jean so shamefully treats his mother? I don't recall that earlier somewhere about this speech was. But okay, maybe he was scared about titans? Or the soup was too salty? He threw her out of the room - and we learned so much, oh, okay. He yelled at the same time so loudly that probably all the neighbors were able to hear about his problems.

The second issue is especially the opening theme, which thank goodness have not changed musically. Only graphically, but Jean instead of Eren in this case was well chosen. In this case, I give + but no more, because the fact is it is not a big change.

Commander Cloud: For me, this episode wasn't good at all. I watched it of course with high hopes but then, I saw something really, really bad. Jean, one of the characters that I like. Why he was shown as a stupid moron? No, really, I cannot understand it. Of course, we all know, that his personality changed  thanks to Marco's death. In this OVA, Marco was still alive. Not only him, but Thomas and all the rest. Action is before the Trost.
Competition? I was like "Oh, cool! They will fight or something!" but then... Drunk Pixis. Okay. It was normal for me. He loves alcohol, so I can accept it but really... contest of food? No, it was the worst thing that I could see in this OVA. Shingeki no kyojin for me is anime full of sadness and sorrow. We saw grief, pain. Now we saw teenager who was totally asshole.
Opening? Yeah, great idea. Jean instead of Eren sounds great and for me, he was better than Eren, hah. Armin and all the rest as a titan. That was good but... Not in this ova. It should be only an art. Not in this way. God...

Official Contest.

We want to remind you about the contest!
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Jetzt hier ist an Sieg. Dies ist der erste Gloria!

About our Group
This group was created in May 2013 for Shingeki no Kyojin fans.
It's so far new anime about fight between people and titans, which still gaining great popularity!
Hundreds of years ago, people living on a planet called Earth were almost completely exterminated by giants. To survive, a small percentage, hiding in a village surrounded by protective walls. Fast forward to the present, however, where a new generation no longer feels any danger on their necks. So, what's the surprise...?

How to Join
Click the "Join our Group" button, which is located at the top page, and you're in! Don't worry if you only like this anime or manga, draw it amazing or in your opinion terrible, make cosplays or some OCs, we will respect everything!

Attack On Titan Fan-Page.
Good news! Soul and Cloud - your admins here, there are a helpers. You can find they under the nicknames ~ Rico ~ and ~ Eld ~.

Our Rules
Last Changed: 09.04.2014 year

* Your work can only be added to the folder 'featured', we, admins, determine to which folder your picture is thrown.
* 'Featured' in our group is like
'new arts - still not added by admins to the correct folder'.
* Because Shingeki no Kyojin gripped the world, and so far there was a plethora of manga based precisely on this - you can added pictures associated with them.
* Please - do not add the same images twice, with minor differences (for example, a picture of Annie is in black and white and the other one is colored already). Select one!
* Do not submit traced work, bases art without mature tags or not related pictures with this topic. It will be deleted.
* If we removed your work - don't add it a second time, hoping that 'maybe this time will succeed'.
* If you look that someone has stolen your work, please let us know. Don't have blame to us, we are not fairies, we don't know which work is original.
* Please respect other deviants, be nice - if not, you are banned, it's clear.
* Okay, we understand that not everyone has an idea for the group. BUT for God's sake, not of copying our style. We worked on it for a really long time - that every detail was finalized.
* Everyone has a life outside the computer. Admins are not super heroes or machines and they sometimes need to relax and time without deviantart.

Your contest, important information...
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We believe that each group deserves a chance, even one who is just starting their business. So, we decided to accept all requests, including those that don't match for theme of our group.

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One, two... Titan began to chase You.

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